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The Core Process


1. Research and Communication

The first step is to get to know who you are as a company and what you are looking for. At Core we will research your company and the specific roles to place the right candidates in front of you. This allows us to give a detailed description of the job to the candidates and allows them to make an informed decision of interest and save all parties involved time. Efficiency and quality are key. Here our some of the things we will want to know. 

  • Big Picture:  What are your company’s long term and short term goals and challenges? Understand ownership and capitalization.

  • Operations:  How does your teams operate from a technical and strategic position? What is the overall business model.

  • Vision:  For each team, what is the growth structure and how does a candidate grow within that structure? What are the different career paths for the given positions?

  • Ideal Candidates:  What is the ideal candidate for the requested position(s)? Regarding, education, certifications, experience… ect.

  • Culture. Overall, work environment, expectations and personality types in the office or team. It is important to find great candidates that fit the culture of the company. This is something we strongly value to increase retainage of any company or role.

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2. Application 

The second step is taking what we have discussed and learned about your company and roles and apply that to our search. See below for our approach:


  • We review our current database of existing relationships that would be qualified for applicable roles.

  • We use our strong relationships to find referrals from others in the same industry.

  • We contact direct competitors in your industry and search for top talent and the right fit.

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                                 3. The Match and the Sell

We believe this is why companies choose to go with Core Executive Recruiting. We have a unique ability to find the right fit for you and sell your company to high quality candidates using the information we receive. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have because we truly believe we are blessed to have them. It is our job to steward them well and by placing the right people to the right companies, we will build your trust and appreciation. 

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4. Vetting

After we have established the top candidates for the roles, we will begin the process to narrow the numbers down to our strongest selections for you by: 

  • Having phone and in-person interviews were we get details of the individuals careers and overall past experience. 

  • We get detailed information about their achievements and any other notable victories in the roles they have worked. 

  • We will discuss their management style and how each candidate is best managed.

  • Understand the candidates career goals and why they would consider leaving their current establishment. We will also offer personality test based of your request. 

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5. Submission

The final step is the presentation of our top candidates.  We work closely with each candidate to present all relevant details in a clean and detailed email.  Candidate submittals will include the following:

  • Detailed listing of experience related to your position.

  • Candidate detailed resume. 

  • A summary of the candidates overall skills and detailed skills as it pertains to the role. 

  • Our thoughts on the candidates overall personality and why we think they would be a good fit for the company.  

  • Salary information with a detailed breakdown.

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